Frequently asked Questions

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Do you have a doctor on hand?
We have an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner who is on call and who makes rounds about every 3 weeks. She works in consultation with a doctor who is also available when necessary.
Do you have physical therapists?
We have a Home Health Agency that provides physical, occupational, speech and other therapists as needed.
Who helps to administer medications?
Our caregivers or CNA’s do. They are trained to do this. Anything they cannot do is done by a nurse.
Do you have any nurses on staff?
No, but our Home Health Agency does provide appropriate nursing services where necessary.
Do you have a pharmacy that you normally use?
Yes, and they are very good and reasonable. They package medications in convenient multipacks and deliver them to us in a timely manner.
What happens when a resident’s health deteriorates?
We have a Hospice Services provider that sends nurses and other professionals to service residents needing palliative or hospice care.
Who cooks the meals and decides what is served?
Our caregivers or CNA’s are accomplished cooks and follow a monthly menu provided by a licensed dietician. Input is sought from residents who might have certain preferences and the menus modified. Allowances are made for any residents who are diabetic or who may require special consideration.
Who does the laundry and general housekeeping?
Our caregivers or CNA’s are also housekeepers. They do each resident’s laundry separately so no labels on clothing are ever required. If a resident requires Free & Clear detergent, we will provide it.
Is there a caregiver or CNA on duty 24 hours a day?
Yes. Actually, there are two caregivers or CNA’S on duty in the daytime and a stay-awake one at night.
Do the facility owners spend time at the at the facilities to make sure everything is working fine?
Yes, they have a daily presence and they also keep in touch by phone to make sure things go smoothly. Cameras are also present at the facility, allowing us to monitor activities from afar
What happens if there is a hurricane or something?
We have a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan in place and it is approved annually by Brevard County. Our generator will ensure that essential services are provided during a blackout period and there are alternative arrangements in place if evacuation becomes necessary.