About Us

The mystical name 'Shangri-La' originates in British author James Hilton’s 1933 novel Lost Horizon and the term has since become synonymous with an earthly paradise or utopia. In the novel, the inhabitants of Shangri-La are depicted as virtually immortal, living many years beyond a normal human lifespan and aging very slowly, notably in their outward appearance.

We chose this exotic name for our assisted living facility because of its nostalgic properties, especially for seniors but also the sense of well-being it evokes, which we aspire to emulate. SHANGRI-LA is a warm, family-oriented residence located in quiet West Melbourne, with a capacity of only six residents. In contrast with the rigid institutional setting found elsewhere, we at SHANGRI-LA pride ourselves on our friendly atmosphere and the caring attention we lavish on our residents. We offer them our individual assistance to enable them to live confidently and as normally as possible, thereby bolstering and never hindering their sense of independence and precious individuality.

At SHANGRI-LA, the goal is to provide cozy amenities and a wide array of activities tailored to each resident according to his or her strengths, interests, and needs. Balanced and nutritious meals are a top priority but we also strive to nurture their social life. Our focus is on friendly interaction. Games and exercise sessions designed to help keep minds sharp and bodies fit are arranged regularly. We celebrate holidays and birthdays with special dinner parties. Community outings are also organized on a regular basis. Musical and spiritual therapy sessions abound.

Family visits are welcome and a private sitting room made available as needed. There are certain basic rules but residents retain all their freedoms and liberties at SHANGRI-LA. Some residents may be generally quite self-sufficient, others may require more assistance. Some may enjoy an afternoon nap. We tailor our programs to accommodate such differences and to respect residents' quiet times, individual privacy, and personal preferences. Reading is encouraged and if there is a demand, we might even arrange group readings. In short, our aim is to make our facility a veritable 'Shangri-La' for our cherished residents, with all the love and attention we can muster.

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